Byosphera is developing ROMA Blades of Victory

a next generation Strategy MMO game set in Ancient Rome, available in 2016 for iOS, Android and Web browser.

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ROMA Blades of Victory

Strategic Historical MMO Game

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Casual Game

About us

Byosphera is an Italian game developer and publisher, focussed on next generation mobile, tablet and browser games.
Byosphera was founded in Rome in 2015 by creative duo: Guido Guidotti Mori and Gian Luca Masciangelo. Byosphera’s goal is to enrich the game market with innovative and addictive titles and to create new business opportunities for all those wishing to partner with us.

We are building a global game development business based on quality and innovation, whose products are appreciated for creativity, attention to details and ability to generate high revenues.
We aim to establish a friendly and partecipative relationship with our customers as we recognise they are our most valuable asset. We want to release creative ideas forged into brilliant game products, that are fun to play, with unique and immersive gameplay, and are a solid business opportunity for our investors and partners.


Byosphera people are a fluid team of solution finders coming from all areas of creativity and business, and with a solid background on game development and marketing. This gives us the strength of many talented minds working together to address the many aspects of game creation, from different perspectives, with a friendly, focussed and effective attitude.
Byosphera’s team of Game Designers, 3D Designers, Graphic & UX Designers, Illustrators, Copywriters, Programmers, Developers, Musicians, Game testers, Social media Managers and Marketing people is always on the move to acquire new information and skills to apply greater knowledge, creativity and integrity in every activity.
We don’t just want employees, we want to work with people that can think of themselves as our partners, embracing their work with full hearth, bringing their genuine genius into it, and learning constantly.

Ongoing projects

Byosphera is developing ROMA Blades of Victory, a next generation strategic MMO game set in Ancient Rome, available in 2016 for iOS, Android and Web browser.

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